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Chopwell, Durham, Mountainboard Blog

Setting off rather late we chased the sun before getting slightly lost and spiraling into the place. Getting there around 2.30 to fading winter lights. A christmas tree sale was on, I’ve never seen that besides B&Q! (When we were leaving in the dark they had christmas lights on which was very pretty, we might go get one soon.)

We trekked around on various slippy paths ranging from tarmac, mud, chunky gravel(!) and leafy road. It’s worth noting that the place has very steep paths with corners that you can’t see round, nice and hair raising!

After reaching what was the bottom of place we began a long trek back up. We took a different route back up, very steep and very much the long way round, out of the grounds in fact.

A long walk later we headed for the jumps that we didn’t go to at the start. We had a short play but it was predictably too dark yet had our bit fun.

Review; great for long runs, best with a brake more likely and a very long climb back to the top when your done, even if you take a better route. The jumps very fun and well made with a good run up, but this is little choice. Also worth noting is it’s nicely located not far from town.

No pictures today, there wasn’t any time!

Mountain Boarding in Newcastle, England, Mountainboard Blog

Hi all,

I’m Cheb and I’m an avid mountainboarder (although I say dirtboarding).

Me and my partner in crime have been wondering how many fellows there are in the North East of England, that is; people who dirtboard, people who want to, people who used to.

Where trying to get an idea of the numbers in the area so we can create a local mecca for the sport whereas we’re currently travelling to Scotland or Leeds to go to any places not riding freestyle.

Please email if you have anything you wish to share. This is our first step towards getting this sorted, hopefully in the future we’ll be doing questionnaires, flyers, advertisements and a more definitive website. Until then, keep riding.