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This post comes way late, personal life around mountainbording has proved itself busy once again. We went out on Saturday and I’m posting this on Tuesday, dinner time at work.

Anyway, Saturday, 8pm we were looking at dirtboard sites and talking plans so I put on the excellent ‘Hot Action’ by one5media. It’s a quality mountainboard video and worth the $5 it cost to download – in HD no less. We got the bug and had to go out. It was late and dark so town (Newcastle UK) seemed like a close place to go, Martyn had never done any city boarding and I’d only done it once but have fancied doing it again for a long time.

The skatepark was our first destination, we got out and I went to ride before I found I had two flatties. We both had a short go on mountainboards but the charvas were annoying us so we left for Newcastle Uni.

Newcastle Uni, this place has a lot of options for dirtboarders. Stair steps, grass, slight inclines for cruising (and learning to Backside 180o and Fakie Backside 180o). It was brillant, we were out for about 45 minutes before we realised we wanted to make a go of this so we went home and made a botch job of my tires as I had no spares. I’ll mention this now but it affected me for the rest of the night…I was running, but slow.

Anyway, by the time we got back to town we had the skatepark to ourselves. We learned a lot on there:

  • 90o transfers on a funbox
  • pumping half-pipe and half pipe 180’s – which gain you a ton of speed
  • out of bowl transfers
  • skateparks are slippery in the wet

After this we headed once more into Newcastle Uni and found ourselves some nice lines to ride together.

After a bit of of hanging about Martyn came upon the idea St James’ Park (NUFC’s football pitch) was a good place to go. Unsure I was but went along I did. There wasn’t much in the area but we decided to head up the top of the car park, the place was almost empty and we found a cylindrical spiral down to the bottom floor. First we needed to get to the top, and with the emptiness of the place it seemed like we weren’t meant to be there, but we found the stairs. At the top there was a brilliant view of Newcastle, but we didn’t stop for long…the ride down was awesome, and Marty had a s*** ton of speed. Blasting out the bottom and jumping over the speed bump we proceeded to ride to the bottom of St. James’ Park which was all down hill. Cruising speed and nodding our heads in awesome.

After this we headed just outside of chinatown. The small moving image under the right menu is of me the last time I was there years ago. This time we done all the 180’s we could off the ledge and attracted a small crowd, gaining some dirtboard appreciation.

Next we headed for Dance City. The grounds seem to have a few runs if you can be bothered to push, crazy architecture to play with and of course, jump over. Nackered and falling to bits we called it a day and headed back.

On the way back we headed up to Leazes Park which took us kinda towards the car, we were a bit apprehensive as it was dark but we had no trouble. Here we basically started at the top of the park and rode our way to the bottom, on the way I cleared a wall gap with a small drop but rolled on the landing, I’d like to go back here to get this on video in the light.

Finally, when we got back to the car near the skatepark we thought we’d hit it one more time, tired and falling apart we had a 15 minute session doing more of the same on Martyn’s board, the punctures on mine proving to be a problem I couldn’t be bothered to fix.

This session left me in great pain the day after. I was a bit tired before we’d even set out after a jog but the 3 hour dirtboard sesh absolutely killed me. Christmas shopping with two strained/cramped legs during all of Sunday was heavy, I couldn’t do stairs.

In conclusion; Newcastle City Centre is hella fun. You don’t get given any options, but you create them yourself which gives you a warm feeling. Of course, we didn’t check out the whole city, so next time we have a free Saturday we’ll have to check out the rest and hit some of the things again. Learning point for the day – do your stretches and give up when you body tells you too!

There’s no media from this session, we had all the time in the world for once but it was too dark. We’re purchasing some better equipment which should help us in the future.

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