Monthly Archives: January 2010

Winter downtime…not a mountainboard blog

Ahem, Happy New Year.

I don’t know if you’ve looked outside recently but at he moment most of Britian is covered in 4 inches of snow. Off and on for the last 3 weeks; nothing much has changed.

I’m writing this to keep myself actively updating the blog more than anything, if I’m out of it for more than a month I’ll grow tired and think “what’s the point?”

I’ve went out a couple of times during the season, in the snowy weather and can report on how dirtboards handle in the snow. Basically not very well. The snow itself gives you a lot more straight line friction slowing you down, while if you try to turn anything more than lightly you will skid out. At the same time it’s mostly possible, and playing and falling in the snow is a lot more fun that any other surface. Additionally everywhere you go looks different from how your used to it.

So I’ve been out a couple of times, all failures but still fun. Newcastle skatepark was frozen over with ice after a long travel by foot, but the journey was fun. Tried to bomb a big hill, but sketched out to a 10 meter slide. Etc, etc.

Bring on summer.