Monthly Archives: March 2010


I haven’t mentioned that I play for a band called Manaconda, we specialise in 70’s/80’s rock covers and have a couple of gigs coming up.

One in Bedlington, Tyne + Wear on sunday 28th March 2010. I don’t know the details for this but if your interested give me an email and I’ll find out, I do know it’s a charity gig.

The other is at Hyem Bar, Chillingham Road, Heaton, Newcastle on Thursday 8th April 2010. Free entry. If you need more details just ask.

The last couple of weeks…

Okay so I haven’t traveled far since we went to Surf the Turf but I have been out a few times since then, I’ve been spending a lot of time progressing my skills. I really think sometimes progression and learning can be a different beast to just going out and having a blast.

Newcastle skatepark was fun, I haven’t been with so many “young adults” around but there were a group of bikers around our age who were really cool. This day I learned how to do rocks and fakie rocks on a half pipe. I also learned pumping on skate ramps is no different than on a skateboard, however; I hadn’t greased up my new bearings so it was much harder work than it should have been. I also went down hard on my wrists a couple of times, if your not ready for it and your wheel’s catch the coping you tend to get thrown down when your pumping.

Last thursday (18/03/2010) me and Martyn went to the high rises with our new skate ramp we bought. We set it up against the curb after a fast run in and played around on that. I managed a 12ft jump, I was way impressed but had to go again. It was scarier going again because I could see the distance I wanted to beat, whereas before I just had to try as hard as possible, no measurements. I pushed hard four times, no half measures, pumped, jumped and seen the old stick marker we’d layed down pass as I flew over it 🙂 I can do 15ft jumps now, apparently 😀

Other than that, manuals have been the order of the day, I’m getting them up now on the standstill and just need to find my balance point…then take them on the move.

MBS Pro 100, new tech!


Okay so my new board arrived last night, I was hyperventilating while opening the box.

MBS Pro 100 Bottom

I ordered this from and got it for £320 when there meant to be £500. Yeah I know Tim Kirkman has JUST brought his model out which slightly better but I reckon I still got an awesome deal.

MBS Pro 100 Top

This will replace my ancient (undestructable) Trampa board. I had a quick blast of it at 11pm last night and I was impressed. A slightly longer test tonight should provide enough experience for a short review.