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Beautiful Day to go Dirtboarding Blog

I could feel it coming far off. We needed to ride out. I love Heaton and Jesmond parks which we hit often, but I just wanted to hit some terrain with a bit of freshness. So we went back to the Roseberry Topping Quarry which is a place we’ve hit before and it’s only a 45 minute ride away. Towards the end of our journey Martyn asked ‘Did you pick up my helmet?’ At which point I realised we didn’t have one between us. This really sucked for the whole day as we couldn’t really try anything beyond (or at the limit of) our ability because we’re both big believers in necessary protection.

Anyway, upon arrival at the jumps it was apparent that there were a lot of other site users there that day. Sadly mostly kids but there were some young adults ripping it up. Overall my feelings on the place are very similar to last time, a lot to hit and to play with. Last time our ability to hit these things was hampered by time constraints and wetness, this time it other users. Indeed, I hit a biker walking back uphill, no-ones fault, but annoying all the same when I had flow.

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Since last time our general riding ability has improved greatly, were not awesome riders but our general confidence and control of direction and speed is much better than last time. What was totally new and fun was the terrain, loose/fine gravel was really easy to powerslide on.

After playing on the jumps we took a short car trip a couple of miles further into the North Yorkshire Hills, to Great Ayton. A walk to the top of the hill had a lush view so I took a few pictures on Chebcam. As it turns out I didn’t have the right mode on so the pictures weren’t taken – boo. All the way up we thought we weren’t going ride back down because of the steepness, ground quality and path width. It turns out just powersliding all the way down is so much fun…and also really tiring!

I’ve never talked about my new board (MBS Pro 100) much since I got it, but it’s been so good to me, the bindings are really gripping, the stiffness great and having proper tyres (instead of basically slicks on my old board) is brilliant. Couple of problems I have with it are the bindings are uncomfortable on a strong toeside turn rubbing against the top of my ankle. Also the it doesn’t seems as fast, although I feel this is to do with the PSI in my tyres.

What I’ve not mentioned is that we both have heelstraps now and I really like them. I won’t use them if there are likely to be cars around or if there’s no room to powerslide, but otherwise they give you a real gravity of control you don’t get otherwise. Just remember when you come to pop out of your board at a standstill or you look like a fool…Martyn.