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Bedtime Update – World Mountainboard Day this Saturday!

Hey everybody.

I’m off to Surf the Turf for all the weekend (if you include travel). Leave for train at 7.45am on Sat and arrive back around 9pm on Sun. Gonna make friends, jumps, play some guitar and eat BBQ. Been looking forward to this all week. I’ll have my HD Hero fully charged up and some batteries for my regular camera so there should be some media to wade through next week – sadly I’m busy every day and night so we’ll see when that gets done…

Oh and if I put it down here I’ve got more reason to go for it. I’m going to try a frontflip onto the crash matts, and possibly take it from there. I’m gonna be super stoked or have teh wind kicked out of me.

So, what you guys doing for World Mountainboard Day, let me know in the comments.

PS – This isn’t a regular post, if you want to see my quality of writing try almost any of the long posts.

Still here!

Yeah, Martyn’s away working after going hardcore at his University work so I haven’t been out properly in about a month now – my muscles are constantly tense! I feel like I’m wasting the summer so next weekend I’m going to train to Kendal and make a day out Surf the Turf. Outwise my plans are to make some use of the local jumps, take a spade to them to make them better – you’ll get pictures of that…maybe a timelapse would look awesome.

Future plans. I’ll be at the Hales Superbowl for the ATBA Downhill unless the registration has closed, and will go to Surf the Turf again in September for Cream Teas and Jam.

See you on the dirt!