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We all love world mountainboard day! 19/06/2010

I totally planned this, all my post from now on are going to come a month late. /sarcasm

At the time Martyn was away working festivals and the like so I wasn’t really getting out much, and when I did it was just the locals with the kids. I had to do something for WMD (World Mountainboard Day) so I gave Markus an email and went along to Surf the Turf for the weekend.

My main forms of transport are bike and other people’s car. So taking a couple of trains was a new experience for me. I really enjoyed it. The first one (a bus on tracks) went through the pennines which offered some nice views while I read a book. A short wait, and run, and I was on a virgin train, this really impressed me in quality and speed. Overall I really enjoyed the journey, and have found a new form of transport (one that may end up taking me to Hales Superbowl for the last round of the ATBA series).

Finally arriving in Kendal Markus picked me up. He help me with transport all the time I was there which was amazing. So I enjoyed the day at Surf the Turf, completed a couple of boardslides – including a gap to board slide.

Problemattically it was absolutely scorching, I couldn’t do anything without having a rest for 10 minutes afterwards, including eat 🙂

So the center closed, time passes, sun goes to the west. I had a touch of food before Markus came out to play and we had a jam session, that was really laid-back mountainboard fun. We also had an awesome bbq and chill-out/frisbee. Met some of Markus’ friends and had a bit of a campfire chill out and sharing some tales – very good.

I had a horrible nights sleep, cold and uncomfortable I slept for about 2 hours. This pretty much set me off for the next day, had a chilled out morning and breakfast before trying to ride, but my tiredness really hurt my muscles so I fell asleep for and hour and decided to call it quits.

Markus transported me to the station again and I made my way. I enjoyed the journey back just as much although one train got cancelled which caused the next one to be packed. I arrived in Newcastle tired, hurting and dizzy. Fell asleep at 7pm.

Lessons to be learned here, don’t take a guitar, board and huge rucksage with me on a train, a lot to carry makes for a lot of pain a annoyance, for a guitar I didn’t that much.

The way it is

We all live busy lives, being pulled one way or another; wanting to get everything done, everyone seen and not miss out of the action. Well this is all a prelude to a really basic problem.


This site gets so much spam per day it’s hard to keep on track of it, making me not want to visit/update the site for the *work* involved – some of them even get automatically added to the site. By default WordPress handles this badly, although there are plugins. These plugins require updates, so right now I’m going to apply the technological solution to my problem.

Expect to see a few more posts and videos this coming week, although I may space out upload time for your sanity

In the 5 minutes it took to write this I’m received two items of spam comments