ATBA 2012 Round 3 at Out to Grass

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So after a false start when Round 2 got cancelled it finanlly went ahead over the 4th/5th of August. Setting off from Newcastle me and Andy knew it was going to be a late one. After a meetup with fellow boarder Nash and a laid back drive we arrived at OTG (near Worcester) about 2am and after a bit of dicking about got some shuteye.

Friday was rather laid back. A few practise runs on the course which was proving long and very tiring, as agreed by everyone over the course of the weekend. The course has a long straight with rollers and besides the start gate, isn’t too steep. The last half of the course is 4 large berms by which point you are nackerd. Whoever gets into these berms first was likely to win.

I think I’ve gotten over my fear of racing with other riders as I was gunning it as best as possible, also I’ve gotten much faster out of the gate; so all I’ve got left to learn is how to pump really fast. The weather was a bit hit and miss so the track conditions were changing making at least myself need to change how I hit the course slightly with every run. What I really liked on this course is how some people would clear the rollers while others preferred to ride them creating some really dynamic racing.

Every rider had three qualifiers. Due to the numbers it was worked out as a two 2 man races and one 3 man race each (maybe). The head to head nature made it really personal. I lost my first to a good rider, won my 3 man after a possible clash and won my third. The third was quite funny as I got a really good lead from the gates and first rollers and just played it easy for the rest of the track. I didn’t really pay attention but my rival really caught me up when I was looking. So after lunch I had my first knockout race; I had a huge lead out the gate but got taken on the straight, I was out 🙁 Good news however was that Andy came 3rd and Nash 7th in his first competition.

Me and Andy weren’t going to do the freestyle on Sunday so we decided on an evening ride till we were too tired. A slip n slide was promised but that sounded lame…until I seen it! Yeah, I lost some maturity that evening but bombing the slip n slide was soo much fun.

So the nights entertainment began. Fire, alcohol, the usual. Around midnight there was word of a night ride. Getting up to the top of the hill with my board they’d setup a candlelit track down the easy course. This was surreal and awesome; you can’t see anything but the candles that you have to stay between. Drifting you way around slippy course while half drunk, that is a nice way to spend the night 🙂

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