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ATBA UK Mountainboard Comp 2011 Round 1 Videos! Straight from Hales Superbowl to your brain…

…via the technology of eyeballs…

Hey guys, my long awaited video. Had to do a lot of cutting because of my Movie Maker bug but I guess that just removes some of the crap you don’t want to see – speaking of which, the boardercross stuff is all at the start. I also took a lot of vids of the Freestyle but was too far away for it to look good on my GoPro. I’ll get in closer TOMORROW OMG!

Winter 2010/2011 Freeride Video

With help from a friend I got this sorted. I split the video into 3 parts then saved that with the soundtrack.

Because of the weird saving method there seems to be a few artefacts on the video (as well as reduction of framerate and quality), but this is my old GoPro with a scratched lens so it’s not much worse than normal.