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First mountainboard ride of 2011 – New Year, New Me.

Not really, I’ll still put down some hopefuls thoughts as facts and not update as often as I hope.

Twas the first week in January when I noticed on Facebook that my local mountainboard centre was having a free day (08/01/2011) to celebrate the start of 2011. An early start to mountainboarding but an excuse to see Marcus and ride the grass was definitely welcome.

Me and Andy made our way there and arrived about 1pm. After strapping up and having a bit of a chin-wag with Marcus we hit the slope, two things were apparent straight away. First is that the ground was very wet and slow, second was that I’d lost a lot of confidence and skill on my board. It’s been at least two months since a ride out, I’d took a little trip to Scotland for Snowboarding and got a Longboard (skateboard) for Christmas – both of which I may talk about at another time – but turning and general balance felt a little alien for a while.

A couple of rides down the hill later and I was starting to warm up, the track conditions still weren’t helping and it was hard to hit a few obstacles, can’t complain much on an open day though.

After a little bite to eat we wanted to do our 3600s. So we grabbed a couple of crash mats and headed for the steepest part of the hill. We warmed up with a few grabs and 1800s before going for a game of SKATE which we re-named ATB for speed. This game was mint for getting us back in the flow along with trying hard and completely new tricks. Mentionables were FS 1800 Stalefishes, Roastbeef and Method grabs from both of us and a BS 1800 Mute grab from Andy which I couldn’t copy and a “Stiff” air that I done and Andy couldn’t copy. Some of these were a lot easier than we reckoned, so will get chucked down more in the future. Andy won in the end as I fell over on a noseroll 😀

We were about to try the 3600s again when Roo told us the park was closing up soon, I checked my phone and it was nearly 4.30, that flew by so quick! So a bit of mental preparation and we both managed to throw it down, which still feels good. Overall the day felt very progressive, starting out below my skill level, picking it up again and then pushing it.

We said our goodbyes and headed home, through a snowstorm, that was mad but we survived it all the same. Welcome to 2011.

PS – Me and Andy are going to try to do most of the ATBA comps this year, and I’ll try to get Martyn onboard too 🙂