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A post of any old stuff I find not suitable for the blog.

This was an edit from Earsdon Pit 27/03/2010. There’s some decent stuff on there but we need a third border to share the recording and really help capture the action. Along with a better video editing program (aargh, no slo-mo).

A decent edit of Newcastle Exhibition Skatepark sometime mid-february 2010. For these videos I’m mostly using YouTube replace audio because of their music copyright issues, this replace seems to be timed really well 🙂

This is from our trip to Another World near Halifax in late September 2009. We went on a Friday so we had the place to ourselves. It was brilliant. The only true bordercross I’ve been on but so fast and fun. We didn’t have a cameraman and me and Martyn both wanted to ride every time so the we basically stuck my mobile phone on the ground recording. Because of the general lack of quality I didn’t do a proper edit of this footage, I basically just imported it into Windows Live Video editor and pressed autocreate. One of these days we’ll go out without having any external responsibilities, that will be a good day. If (when?) we go back I’ll do a full blog post, rest assured if you get a chance it’s worth going.

Snow Melts
This is the first dirtboarding video I created, it’s about 3 years old and stars the old partner in crime, John Luke, who’s about to be a daddy (07/12/2009). There’s a good knockout clip at the end of the video

Time Based Assets Assignement
This is my project video for 2nd year uni. Based on the haiku:
rest is good,
but life passes by without waiting
for the idle bodies

The video of the piece is the haiku backwards, but the audio is still forwards audio was a live recording. There’s a lot in this video that makes me cringe now, but also a few things I like.

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